Chained Down!



Hi everyone

Recently We've been Banned at Xda For Supposedly providing links to (Warez). When we did a tut and linked proof of our method to move Kodi Plug-ins from one Kodi-Box To Another. and proved it even works with long-lost plug-ins that are no longer available anywhere for download...

As a result of that Ban, Thanks XDA! We have Now Moved to Android Forums .com

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Meet --> I-Server!!!

This site Is now Proudly Hosted Completly on a Jail-broken I-phone!!!

If you need root for your Zone3 or the K4-k121(only) Simply Click the Buy Now button below, and send a message to us on G-mail at

And if you'd like to donate an old rack server or old power-edge server or the like please contaact us and we will give you an addreass to send it or donated test-devices to the LAB

Even though The Whole Site is a little different, we can still get you the files you need to root your Zone3 or K121 Lg Device.

We will also be working on getting the freebies uploaded and re-linked to this page again soon. We are just limited on our File Host and worried that hosting those locally will Disrupt our bandwidth and cause problems in the LAB.

If you'd like to donate to us Just head over to Paypal Once you Get to PayPal Please Donate the Money Directly To



Send Mail to that Address, You WILL Be DENIED ALL SERVICES from our team if your name pops up in that mailbox, Thanks , Astr4y4L & Team

HERE'S THE BUTTON TO PAY TO HAVE YOUR DEVICE ROOTED FOR YOU REMOTELY Be Aware it's a $ 20 Charge And due to Dead-beats that have opened cases at paypal trying to get our service and then steal the money back, we have implemented a new policy of Recording the entire remote session, and buy clicking this button you have consented to having our session recorded.

And thanks to these dead beats we now only accept payment through online bitcoin transactions you can click the following button to pay and it allows you several methods to fund the transaction

You can thank these fine folks for making things harder than need be

Game Over!

The Deadbeat List

  • Alex Leszczynski
  • Harry Carter

The Easiest way to pay is to first get setup at BITPAY and then return here and tap the BuyNow button below

I am sorry the payment process is now a bit complicated but we must do this to protect ourselves from theft of services rendered

You can Email Us to discuss other Payment arraingments such as United Stated Dollars sent Certified_Mail Via the Postal System or Electronic wire transfer via WesternUnion or Moneygram.


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